Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas in San Miguel de Allende

Christmas in San Miguel is one of my all time favorites times of year.  The bustle of activity is so captivating.  I was up at the Tuesday market and there are stalls, after stalls, with items for the holidays.  Above were figures to decorate one's home Nativity scene.
Also an assortment of baby Jesus by the dozen.
The main market in the center of town had some new stalls outside on the street selling tangerines, oranges, tamarind and other fruits for the ingredients of the holiday punch, Ponche and for the filling the pinatas. 

In front of La Salud Church, there is a row after row of bright red, soft pink and white Poinsettias.  Ranging in all sizes.   So, so, colorful.
 Not only is there the huge selection of Poinsettias, there are Christmas trees.  The trees are almost fern like.  Unlike the trees one would buy in the states, they are dug up with dirt still around its roots and wrapped in plastic or burlap. 
I buy my share of Poinsettias and select just the right tree.   After I've paid up, my tree man carries everything to the curb and I flag down a cab.  About six blocks later, I am home.  My cab driver helps me unload and carries everything into my foyer for me.  I plant the tree in a terra cotta pot, set it in the living room and give it a good drink of water.  Then the decorating starts. 
I can't think of a better way to kick off the Christmas week!
Merry Christmas!  Feliz navidad!

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