Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Good Friday is a busy time in San Miguel de Allende.  I particularly like to duck into the San Rafael church and watch the men and women decorate the Saints for the procession later in the day.  All the pews had been pushed to the side and there was a lot of activity going on.
There are flowers everywhere: lilies, purple statice, mums, lisianthus, roses, carnations, daisies... what a colorful sight.
People were getting dressed in deep purple gowns with their heads adorned with a crown of thorns.
This statue of San Roque is one of my favorites.  When he is not part of a procession, he can be found in the Parroquia Church,  just past the baptismal fountain on the left.  He is identified by his plague sore on his leg.  San Roque, after nursing plague victims in his native town was driven into the countryside when he himself had contracted the plague.  He survived because a little dog (the symbol of fidelity) brought him bread everyday. The sculpted dog is along side the saint and because this is Mexico, he has a bolillo which is the typical Mexican roll in his mouth. Since plagues have come to a halt, his contribution box sits empty.

He is replaced in admiration by San Martin of Charity, a black saint from Peru, also known as the “Saint of the Broom” because of devotion to work, no matter how menial. Many miraculous cures were attributed to him.  After the Virgin de Guadalupe, he ranks second in devotion to the Mexican people.
I had the best time talking with this little guy.  He was so adorable.  A little Mexican lady was sitting next to me on one of the pews and she asked me if he was my son.  I politely said no but I had a good laugh with myself since I am a blond with blue eyes.  It was a great morning.

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