Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Huaraches last a long time!

I was in the market in Patzcuaro recently and I was intrigued by the Huaraches, the Mexican sandal, that were for sale in the open market.  The production of leather goods came from the Old World through the Spaniards.  Mexico had no major hide-producing animals such as cattle, horses, donkeys, sheep or pigs.  They had deer and jaguars and those hides were often used for clothing, drums or war shields.
The variety and styles vary from village to village.  Some are made of crude leather where as others are made of fine, light weight cured leather strips and are intricately woven.  Many have soles made out of rubber from discarded car tires.
This gentleman had on a sturdy pair of huaraches.  He was one of the weavers we met when I took my Artisan & Architecture group over to the state of Michoacan. We were given a full tour of the Taller Mexicana which I wrote about on Monday.
I still have a pair of huaraches that I had bought ions ago in Puerto Vallarta.  I have them at my home in San Miguel de Allende and they only come out of the closet when I am going up to Carmelas for a pedicure.


  1. Hi Robin,
    you may remember me, I commented on your post about the cowboy boot maker Adam Garcia. Is it possible for you to stop in his shop and ask him about two pairs of boots for me? or is he still in business?

    I've attempted to email him on several occasions, and it's been 5 months since I left a deposit for two pairs of custom boots.

    Several people have located my post on your blog and emailed me about the same issue.

    Adam is certainly a wonderful craftsman, but I'm wondering if he had to close his shop down due to a bad economy, thus leaving all of us without our boots.

    Please let me know. I wish I had the time to take a trip down there myself but unfortunately I can't.

    Thank-you for your time!

  2. Hola Rebecca,
    I am not in town right now. But I also went by his shop last month around 10:00 am and the door was closed and there was no sign. I was checking on a friend's order. Then I was busy with my group. I certainly will check it out again, maybe around noon when I am back in town. Please send me your email address. It is a shame if he had to close.

  3. June 13, 2011
    Rebecca, I too put a deposit down on boots from Adam In July of last year...after 2mos. no telephone answering, nor email replies. I enquired about him to his friend Julie, she got an answer finally and said he was sick. I told her to let him know I had to leave Tx. in Nov.(as my father had a stroke) and if he was too sick or could not finish my boots....he was welcome to keep 1/4 th of my deposit $200. and please send me my money back....NEVER heard a word nor received any monies back....I would remove his posting if I were you about him as I am sure it does not reflect well on your accolades about him or his charactor. Thank You so Much for Your Time and trouble. Joanne

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