Friday, April 1, 2011

Day two in San Miguel de Allende

It was another beautiful blue sky day in San Miguel de Allende on day two of my Artisan & Architecture tour.  Wednesday I wrote about the first part of the day where we visited one of the top homes in town and visited Frank Garner's gallery.  We walked up to the jardin (San Miguel de Allende's main plaza).  Being Sunday, it was a busy place.  Some of the ladies bought the hand made dolls for gifts from this older lady above.  After an hour of sightseeing, visiting La Parroquia church, some shopping, getting pesos from the ATM, we headed up the street to La Esquina, the Mexican Folk Toy Museum.  The museum houses the collection of Angelica Tijerina with over 1,000 one-of-a-kind toys from the last fifty years.
Picture taking is not allowed in the museum but I did get a good one up on their mirador, (roof top patio).  Marge, Cindy, Debra and Gail were great sports to pose for me.  I love the cut out areas for the hands.
There I am in the middle with the orange Mexican blouse on.  The Tijerina's also distile Mescal and they were kind enough to have two varieties for us to sample.
After a shot or two of Mescal, we settled in for lunch (comida) at La Posadita up on their third floor mirador.
The views are spectacular from La Posadita.  Our table overlooked the back side of La Parroquia church that it right on the jardin.  Talk about a gorgeous day!
After comida we strolled down the block to Donna and Tom Dickson's gallery at Pila Seca 1.  Donna is on the right talking to some of the group about her work.  She mostly works in watercolors where here husband works in oils.

 Beth ended up buying one of Donna's watercolors.
Off down the street we went to Rick Hall's fabulous folk art store, Zocalo, at Calle Hernandez Macias 110.   Rick has been a collector for many years and he has the best collection of museum quality folk art in the area.
We were greeted by his staff along with refreshing Lemonadas.  Rick's collection ranges from the ceramic pinas (pineapples) from the state of Michoacan, paper mache from the Linares family, a variety of masks, clay catrinas, Santa Rosa candles,  Tree of Life pieces of all sizes... the collection is huge.
After a full day, everyone went back to the B & B for a little rest before we ventured out again for dinner.  What a great day we had!

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