Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Way of the Cross

Semana Santa or Easter week is a colorful and busy one is San Miguel de Allende.  Today, Holy Wednesday, is a major celebration in town .  There are 14 stations of the cross (stone niches marked with stone crosses in the walls) found on Calles Mesones, Juarez, Nunez and San Francisco.  The stations represents Christ's path to martyrdom.  Each one is decorated for the occasion.  The man above was just starting to assemble his.
Some of the stations of the cross are decorated rather simply.
Others are rather elaborate.
The "over the top" displays were on Calle Mesones.
Numerous processions will start at the Oratorio Church around five. 
Many of the town's people participate in the procession from angles, mourners, pallbearers...
I love the altar boy with his moused hair.
Some men are dressed as Roman soldiers.
One of the altars depicting Christ carrying the cross.  Today is one of my favorites during Semana Santa.

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