Monday, May 16, 2011

A day of Cooking in San Miguel de Allende

We had just gotten back from our side trip over in Patzcuaro, part of my Artisan & Architecture tour.   I had a laid back day in store for everyone on Friday.  We spent a good part of the day out at Rancho Casa Luna, just a few miles outside of San Miguel de Allende.  I was conducting a cooking class with some rather unusual recipes along with the history of how indigenous foods of Mexico influenced the Old World and how Old Workd ingredients and products influenced the New World, Mexico.  Cilantro and tomatoes, native to Mexico, have been a major influence on many, many cultures.
The large dining table had a wonderful centerpiece of paper flowers, baskets, paper mache dolls and seasonal twigs of berries.  I had the menu and recipes all printed and ready to go.

Robin’s Margaritas

Aguas Frescas

Quesadillas de Tocino y Flor de Jamaica 

Quesadillas de Cebollas y Mango

Salsa Verde ~ Salsa de Chile Seco

Sopa de Crema de Cilantro con queso fresco y totopos

Ensalada de Sandia y Arugula

Rajas y Cebollas

Frijoles con Epazote de la Olla ~ Arroz Rojo Mexicano

Tortillas de maiz

Pollo Asada con Salsa Achiote

Torta de Elote

Café de Olla

Judy and Debra were a bit heavy handed with the quesadilla fillings but there were extra delicious.
Yvonne was having a cup of Cafe de Olla and a piece of the Torta de Elote with flambled bananas.  She said it was the best dessert that she had had all week.  Well, I certainly hit the mark on that one!

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