Monday, May 23, 2011

A Special Treat at Andrea's

It was the last day of my Artisan & Architecture tour and I had arranged a wonderful menu with Andrea at his Restaurante Italiano just outside of San Miguel de Allende at hacienda de Landetta.  Both Marge and Beth were pretty in pink in their newly purchasely Mexican blouses.
Nancy, Debra and Yvonne were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their margaritas. As we all were.
We started with a salad straight out of the garden accompanied with a scrumptious stuffed portabella mushroom.
Jose Manuel was serving everyone home made spinach raviolli dressed with a delicate gorgonzola sauce.  We had a choice of four different entrees.  Duck and quail seemed to be the most popular orders of the day.
This was a typical scene through out the trip.  There were a lot of laughs and for the life of me, I could not tell you what Bonnie was laughing about and I was sitting right next to her.  All I know, we had a great week.
We ended the meal with my favorite dessert of Andrea's, a dense chocolate cake with almonds topped with a little cream and raspberry sauce.  It was a perfect lunch, so relaxing in such a beautiful setting and one that we will not foget for a long time.

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