Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A spectacular visit with artist Juan Torres Calderon

We had just finished lunch at my favorite little restaurant in El Tigre.  I had one special stop to make with my Artisan & Architecture group before we headed back to San Miguel de Allende.  We drove over to Capula to meet with Juan Torres Calderon, a well known Mexican painter and sculpture.   We drove through the large adobe archway that lead into his grounds.  Female sculptures made of bronze and stone adorned the landscape.  I particular like the one above.
We first met up with Juan in the church which is his  magnificent gallery. 
He had just had a show at the University titled Mujeres en La Revolucion, Women in the Revolution.  I am sure you are familiar with this scene that was borrowed from a photograph taken during that time.  These woman who accompanied and supported the Mexican troops during the Revolution were called Soldaderas.
Juan concentrates his attention and energy to the female figure.  He had recently completed the painting of the woman with the lace veil.  This handsome woman is his mother who had passed away a few years ago.  His studio is a painters paradise.  With classical music in the air, the studio measures around 4o' x 40', with a center staircase leading down to another level.  But the most impressive thing about this space was that three of the four walls had floor to ceiling glass windows with incredible views of his property and the mountains in the background.
This painting of the woman with the large fish on her head was spectacular.  I was tempted to buy it but my husband and I had just made another large art purchase a few months ago so I thought I had better not.  I still dream about it.  Maybe if it is there next time I go back for a visit...
After touring his home and studio, we walked down to his taller (workshop) where the Catrinas are made.  I wrote about these Catrinas and his taller in a post dated July 23, 2010.  Juan Torres is such a delightful man and it was a real treat to be able to spend some time with him.   Muchas gracias Senor Torres!!!



  2. Hola Robin, I host a non-profit art show in Mexico - Feria Maestros del Arte. Juan is coming to the show this year and I was wondering if you would mind if I used 2 of the photos from your blog on his webpage. Of course, I will give you full credit for them.

    Gracias, Marianne Carlson

  3. I just saw your message. I may be too late, but yes, use a photo or two.