Friday, July 8, 2011

Camino Silvestre, A store in San Miguel de Allende that you will not walk out of empty handed!

Camino Silvestre is a fabulous shop that is a rather new comer to the shopping scene in San Miguel de Allende, right in the historic center of town.  And the nice thing about it, it is right around the corner from my casa on Zacateros No. 46.
The main attraction to the store is its gorgeous collection of hummingbird feeders and bird houses.  Blown glass in an assortment of colors with a wrought iron base/hanger.  Some of them are triple or more tiered.  Talk about a hummingbird condominium.
Meet Alfredo Garcia-Lucio, one of the owners with the beautifully sounding chimes in the background.
The shop is not limited to hummingbird feeders, books on birds, figures of birds... there is an unique collection of Gorky Gonzales ceramics.  Many pieces especially made for Alfredo and Jim's store.
And meet Jim McKeever, the other owner of Camino Silvestre.  I just love how they have so beautifully merchandised and displayed everything. 
It is a great place for all kinds of gifts for yourself or someone else: candles, books, note cards, accessories...  The store also features some beautiful jewelry.
Not only did Alfredo and Jim design these special Christmas plates that Gorky Gonzales made, they have a line of unique glassware that is made locally that features an etched hummingbird design.  The glassware comes in many styles: wine, water, old fashion and my favorite, the margarita glass with a base but no stem.  I love that shape for a variety uses; for margaritas (of course) and for serving ceviches, chilled soups and desserts.
This is such a simple but perfect design for a hummingbird feeder that could go anywhere.  Actually, I think one would need a variety of them.
And of course, I find this feeder particularly charming.  Yes, I know, it's blue and what a great gift for your Mom.
Tell Alfredo and Jim that I sent you in.  I know you will not leave empty handed!
Should you go overboard, they will ship anywhere.  Another bonus, they are open seven days a week.

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