Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More from the Kirkland Museum

As I wrote on Monday, I love the 1931 "Jazz Bowl" with it different reliefs on the surface of the bowl.
It immediately reminded me of the bowl and vase below that I had bought over in TzinTzunTzan when I was leading my group on my Artisan & Architecture tour.  We were heading back to San Miguel de Allende that day, after being over in Patzcuaro for three nights where we had met some of the best artisans in the region
These ceramics are made by Manuel Morales, an exceptional artist that works not only in the blue tones but in black & white, browns, rusts and greens.  Check out more of his work on my post dated, May 6 of this year.

Back to the Museum, this hooked rug (1958) by Edward Marecak is pretty cool.  He bought wool sweaters from thrift stores and then had his two sons unravel them for the rug.
It was the late 1960's that I hooked this rug.  I love the colors and the design and if you can believe it, it is on the floor in my closet/dressing room.
I totally agree with Vance Kirkland, "If I am going to eat off something, drink out of something or sit in something, it is going to be great design."
Good design is timeless!

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