Monday, July 11, 2011

Lala's for Lunch

After bopping around and running a few errands, Len and I stopped into Lala's for a bite to eat.  We started with the Roman Artichokes that were lightly breaded and fried and then served with a basil pesto and an aleppo pepper aioli.  It was really tasty.  Two other appetizers also caught my eye.  The Housemade Burrata (fresh mozzarella wrapped around home churned ricotta and mascarpone with grape tomato balsamic jam and arugula) and the Italian Deviled Eggs (Colorado farm fresh eggs made with ricotta and mascarpone, topped with crispy pancetta and paprika).  I may have to tweak my deviled egg recipe next time.
Then we split the Nonna's Pizza.  It is a tasty, thin crust with a little red sauce topped with their homemade spicy Italian sausage, Peppadew peppers that had a little kick to it, roasted slices of fennel along with three different cheeses.
The room is well laid out with doors that were opened leading to the patio.  Part of the walls are decorated with corks that have been installed in a basket weave pattern.  I better get drinking if I want to "wallpaper" my walls at home with corks!  Cheers!  Salud!  Bottoms Up!

410 E. Seventh Ave.

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