Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parking with a View

Parking in San Miguel de Allende is a commodity and it can literally drive you crazy when the town is crowded and you are trying to find a place to park.  I have always been fascinated with a few of the parking lots, Estacionamento, in the center of town.  This particular one on Calle Recreo has walls in some places that reach over thirty feet high along with the spectacular view of La Parroquia, the town's parish church.  You would never imagine that there is such a massive open lot behind these doors when they are closed.  In the spring, the lot's giant Jacaranda tree is in full bloom with its brilliant purple blossoms.
By 1:00 in the afternoon, this lot is wall to wall vehicles.  That is the beauty of living in the heart of the San Miguel, I walk everywhere and I do not need to worry about where to find a place to park my car.  Life is good. 

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