Monday, August 8, 2011

Planet Barbecue, a great cookbook!

I was given this cookbook by my friend Julie for my birthday last year and everything about it is great!  The photography, the layout, the font that was used is pleasant to read and the recipes are not complicated and very good.  
There are over 300 recipes from sixty countries.  The "starters" section has some really different recipes, such as Bacon-Grilled Enotake mushrooms.  The section on Grilled Breads is rather interesting especially since I use my grill year round to grill pizzas and flat breads.  
I made Ginger, Garlic and Honey Grilled Baby Back Ribs on the grill the other night and they were very tasty.  This particular recipe came from Siem Rep, Cambodia.
Northern Spain is one of my all time favorite places, especially when it comes to food.  There is an exotic recipe in the dessert section on how to make Smoked Ice Cream.  This comes from Spain's futuristic restaurant, Etxebarri.  Chef Victor Arguinzoniz really pushes the limits when it comes to grilling.
If you are into grilling, Planet Barbecue is a must for your cookbook library!

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