Monday, September 19, 2011

Bittersweet, artisanal cuisine in Denver

Len and I had dinner at Bittersweet over on Alameda and Pennsylvania in Denver the other night with our friends, Kathy and Dennis.  It is in 1950's gas stations that was turned into a "farm-to-table" restaurant.  Chef Olav Peterson harvests veggies and herbs from the raised beds that surround the restaurant and uses those fresh ingredients in his dishes.
Len started with a "sweetbread Rubeun" - sweetbreads on a toasted piece of caraway brioche topped with pickled tomatoes, a creamy Jarlsberg cheese fondue and garnished with a big caper.
My pork belly and seasonal mushrooms mixed in with some potato gnocchi and braising liquid from the pork belly was to die for.  Sublime!
Kathy gave me a taste of the of her duck confit ravioli in a garlic broth.  Next time I will have that as my starter.
I was not denied duck for the evening thou.  I had a flavorful duck served with grilled frisee and a warm melody of cherries, bacon and onion.  Really intense flavors.
The Halibut dish was a pretty presentation the way it was served on a rectangular plate that was painted with a strip of tomato sauce, then a strip of avocados.  The Halibut sat on top of a heirloom tomato salad.  Perfectly grilled.

We definitely will go back.

500 E. Alameda Ave.

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