Friday, September 16, 2011

Independence Day in San Miguel de Allende

September 16 in Mexico and especially in San Miguel de Allende is a very important day. 
San Miguel’s favorite son, Ignacio Allende, was born here in 1779.  He was a fervent believer in Mexico’s independence from Spain, and on September 16, 1810, he joined Miguel Hidalgo in an armed uprising.  Both Allende and Hidalgo were executed, but in 1821 Mexico finally achieved independence.
San Miguel is decorated for the occasion with everything white, green and red, the colors of the Mexican Flag.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorite "flag" color photos.

This was taken up at the botanic gardens just outside of San Miguel. The fruit (tunas) of the Prickly Pear cactus are ripe for the picking.
The pig was poking around just after a hard rain over in Cocucho, the town in the state of Michoacan well known for its large clay pots.

This is the center part of a ferris wheel that four Papantla voladores (flyers) stand on and go around and around and around....  I don't know how they can walk after all that spinning.
Papel Picados (cut paper banners) in the jardin, the main square in San Miguel.
At brunch one Sunday, Le Crepe had these red Gladiolas with a few white ones thrown in sitting in the window by our table.  Some of my favorite flowers.
Viva Mexico!!!!!

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