Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It was a busy week with flowers!

I have had my design hat on a lot lately,  I've been extremely busy with my interior design business.  I have been helping a friend of mine who lives down the street after her pipes broke this winter and caused some major flooding in her house.  We gutted the kitchen and main floor bathroom, reupholstered living room furniture, bought new rugs, furniture and lighting.  It has been a great project and Julie and I have had so much fun!  Besides running her own business, she has been planning her daughter's wedding...  I was fortunate to be pulled into the loop, on goes my event planning and floral arranging hat.  Last Tuesday I picked up 40 stems of white Star Gazer Lilies, got them home and put them in warm water so the flowers would be completely open for the wedding on Saturday.
Thursday night I put together eleven centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner.  The square glass containers had lime green floral foam oasis in them with a pavee of pink pompoms, yellow yarrow, green hypericum berries and a dusty blue Eryngium (thistle). 
 I just love the combination of hot pink and limey green together.
Friday was the day that I made three huge arrangements, 17 centerpieces and four small arrangements.  Lucky for me, the church was just two blocks from my house.  Julie came over and sat in the back of my Saab with the hatch back open holding one centerpiece at a time as we delivered them to the church.  Of course, I honked all the way down the street like we were in a parade.
Saturday the tables were set up around noon.  I showed Julie how to make "Birds of Paradise" napkins and she folded over 160 napkins.  
The white overlays I had ordered from my friend Guadalupe in San Miguel de Allende.  They are made from re-cycled fabric and the designs are cut out like "papel picados."  The same technique is used to make the banners one sees strung across the streets in San Miguel.  (Guadalupe has a very successful event planning business.  If I were getting married, I know where I would go!  Checkout her website at  www.smapenzi.com. )   I received the overlays within four weeks from when I ordered them so we had plenty of breathing room before the wedding.  The reception was on the rooftop of the Denver Athletic Club and Julie was worried about the space being rather drab.  I said, make the tables the focal point and no one will look at the roof's covered ceiling with its metal supports.  It worked, the tables settings were elegant.
Julie's daughter, Blair, wanted centerpieces with a lot of greens, textures and white flowers (no roses...).  I used white Lisianthus, white tulips, Queen Anne's Lace, silver Brunia, a dusty blue Eryngium, green hypericum, berried and seeded Eucalyptus.  A perfect Colorado look!
It was a beautiful evening, not a cloud in the sky and one that mother and daughter will never forget.  I am glad I was able to be part of their special week.

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