Friday, September 30, 2011

Manuel Lepe

I just discovered some note cards that I have had for over 30 some years.  The artist is Manuel Lepe who was born in Puerto Vallarta in 1936.  He was the creator of the naif style which is referred to as Vallarta Art.  He is the only Mexican artist to be registered in the French Directory of Naif Art.  With no formal training, he painted mostly themes based on the landscape and everyday life in Puerto Vallarta.
He lived during the one of Puerto Vallarta's elegant and blooming stages, at the time of the  filming of John Houston's The Night of the Iguana.
This image really depicts the personality of the Mexican children playing, fishing and swimming.
What could be better than a birthday party with a pinata.  
Many of his paintings were used in the town's first posters promoting Puerto Vallarta as a tourist destination.  I can see why, he really captured the spirit of the Mexican people, especially the children.

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