Friday, October 28, 2011

Balloons & Bubbles

Any plaza or jardin in Mexico, and especially San Miguel de Allende, is not complete without a man, woman, young boy or girl selling balloons.  This lady above was sitting on a bench in the plaza in front of the San Francisco Church getting ready for the crowds to exit mass.   The children just can not resist one of these bouncing balloons.
A group of balloon vendors heading over to the jardin, the main square.
Good thing these balloons are filled with air.  His load is more cumbersome than heavy!
Such a variety of balloons... Scooby Doo, super heroes and many that I have no idea what they are...  I guess I am not up on my cartoon and comic book figures.
Talk about color!  Hanging from one of the vendor's cart in the jardin are little necklaces with a decorative container full of "bubbles."
And talk about having fun.

 Chasing bubbles.
And more bubbles. 
San Miguel would not be complete with out this gentleman selling his balloons, squirming foam lizards, tiny flying balls and who knows what other treasures he has hanging from his long wood pole.  He has been a fixture in the jardin for as long as I can remember.
Viva the balloons and the vendors, they really bring the jardin to life.

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