Monday, October 10, 2011

Venders of San Miguel de Allende

The jardin (main plaza) is busy in the mornings as the vendors are pushing their carts into the jardin and are setting up for the day.  This vendor has fresh fruit year round.
This little guy in front of Mama Mia's and does quite the business in the evening with the younger crowd.
Freshly steamed corn.  Boy does that smell good.
 Freshly made potato chips and Chicharron (crispy fried pork rind).
Chips with a picante salsa.  But where is the cold beer?
This bearded, rotund man has been selling papers on the east side of the jardin for as long as  I can remember.  Bernabe Gonzales Silva has a tenor voice and one of the best voices of any newspaper vendor in Mexico.  It is deep and loud and can be heard through out the whole jardin.  His voice always puts a smile on my face.
The tamales were exceptional good looking.

On a warm day, a flavored syrup over some shaved ice really hits the spot.
Or an ice cream bar.....

Head over to the market in the morning for a freshly deep-fried Churro.  You certainly can not go hungry in San Miguel.


  1. In 1965 I was 19 years old, got on a bus in San Antonio, Texas and went to Mexico City, took another bus to another town, and waited all night in the bus station for the next bus to San Miguel de Allende.

    Your blog has been a pleasure for me to see and read. San Miguel hasn't changed much! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I'll be watching.

  2. Barbara, That must have been the adventure back then. Robin