Monday, October 3, 2011

Wrestling Masks are big in San Miguel de Allende

My husband (Len), my brother (Carter) and I have always loved Mexican wrestling masks.  But then, who wouldn't?  Carter bought this colorful painting in San Miguel de Allende and I just love the chubby lady with the wrestler along with the mini martinis, smoldering cigarettes, a few cacahuetes (peanuts) and a little romance.
Luche Libre, free wrestling, started in Mexico in 1915.  The wrestlers wear their masks in public to protect their identity.  Some of the most famous wrestlers are Mil Mascaras, El Fantasma, Matematico, Dr. Wagnor...
This little boy was running around Plaza Civica in San Miguel de Allende with his new wrestling mask on.  He was very proud of it.
I bought these two banks from Anna's funky boutique, Mixta, right on Calle Pila Seca.  Her store has some very unique pieces and I rarely leave empty handed.
There is a stall in the market that has wrestling masks and other masks that are creepy, scary, funny, nerdy and some just strange. 
I was talking to some teenage boys and I got them to model a few masks for me.  They were all giggles when I showed them their photo.
This mask with the hat on says it best, Viva Mexico!

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  1. Great photos as usual. You always capture the colorful and unique. We're so lucky to have you promoting San Miguel and it's treasures. Much love, Dianne