Monday, October 24, 2011

Yellow is such a happy color

The beautiful blue sky against the bright yellow facade of the Monjas church in San Miguel was breathtaking.  Yellow is such a happy color.
These Mums in the market were so brilliant.
Talk about a wild color combination.  Don't worry, this is not my house.
During one of the many parades in San Miguel, this man had on such a beautiful head dress.  I like how the sunlight just illuminated them the yellow feathers.
Such an elegant window with the wrought iron and the reflection of the yellow wall on the glass.
You can not beat the eggs in San Miguel.  The yolks are such a deep golden yellow and the flavor in unbeatable.   I was in the process of making Kahlua Creme Brulees for one of my groups that were coming over for dinner. 
My favorite wall in San Miguel.  This is the courtyard in front of the Monjas church.  In the afternoon, the shadows are great.

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