Thursday, February 2, 2012

Around Barceloneta

As I have written in the last week or so, Barcelona has a tremendous amount of art and not all of it is in the museums.  Roy Lichtenstein's Cap de Barcelona (Barcelona Head) was commissioned for the summer Olympics in 1992.  He was inspired by Gaudi's work and technique of using pieces of broken ceramics in his works.  Using colorful ceramic tiles, this wild portrait of a women can be seen from all directions and it located at the end of Passeig Colom.
Not far away, is Javier Mariscal's Gambrinis.   This giant fiberglass lobster was also done for the Olympics.  With its pinching claws and goofy smile, it welcomes you to the area that has many seafood restaurants. 
 I love how Gambrinus is perched up on the wood pergola.

Looking down the beach from Barceloneta to Port Olimpic is Frank Gehry's Peix d'Or (The Golden Fish).    Another Olympic commission, The Golden Fish is 35 meters x 54 meters.  Made out of stone, steel and glass,  the shiny metal plates constantly change color at different times of the day.
And how fitting (no pun intended) for this bungee cord jungle gym to be on the beach in  Barceloneta.  I doubt this was an Olympic commission.  Maybe just a training area for future Olympians!

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