Monday, April 5, 2010

Love to garden

Talk about going to a nursery and having such a selection of pots to choose from. Armed with a tape measure, my list and some pesos, I headed out to one of my favorite nursery's in San Miguel de Allende, just east of Mega.

I have bought a few citrus trees here in the past, every time hoping to have brought home a lemon tree. Lemons that we buy in the states are unheard of at the market or grocery store. Well, one out of three purchase wasn't too bad. I now have one grapefruit tree, one lemon tree and one lime tree. Maybe I should get an orange tree! Hmmm, sounds like the start of good sangria! Now, all I need is some vino tinto (red wine) and some brandy.

After buying quite a few pots of red geraniums, a small fig tree, purple Daisies, a basil plant, some new pots and dirt, I was ready to go home and whip up a pitcher of Sangria. Salud!

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