Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring time in San Miguel de Allende and Denver

It's hard to choose where springtime is the best. Well, I have two places. You could not look up in San Miguel without seeing the Jacaranda trees in full bloom. Such a beautiful purple.
Back in Denver, the Pear trees and the Crab Apple trees (above) are just as lush and brilliant all over town. Springtime seems to bring people outdoors. We went to a California wine tasting sponsored by Argonaut Liquors last night. My husband and I love a good Cabernet and there were many to sample.
Larry and Elizabeth were pouring some amazing good wines.

One of their wines was a 2006 William Hill Bench Blend Cabernet Sauvignon that was outstanding and my husband bought a case. It is very intense, yet a subtle cab from Napa with great viscosity to the palette. Superb now and will only improve with age. An added bonus was the price, $34 if you placed an order that evening. Normally is retails around $40 to $50. I call that a price performer. Another wine we thought was killer was the 2006 BV Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon. Robust and extremely dry and I love it's nickname, "Dust."
We dined at Olivea, a cozy little place that serves cuisine influenced by Spain, Italy & France. Without thinking, we dived into our shared starter. So no photo. The Charcuterie plate had three parts to it: Duck liver mousse, fig compote & pickled onions - Pork Belly with tangerine glaze and lentils - Lamb sausage and minted yogurt with cucumbers. It was so good. Next time that will be my entree! Makes me want to plan one of my tapas dinners and have a party. Well, it is springtime and my patio will be open soon.
My entree was a winner. Duck meatballs on creamy polenta with shaved pecorino. Mmmm.
When we left Olivea, the skyline of downtown Denver was magnificent. I can not think of two better places to live than Denver and San Miguel de Allende, especially in the spring.

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