Monday, September 6, 2010

The Chango Mezcalero

I bought this Chango Mezcalero, Mezcal Monkey, for my husband in a little folk art store in San Miguel de Allende. This Chango Mexcalero is a clay receptable in the shape of a monkey used to hold Mezcal and is usually painted in brilliant colors. The top has a stopper made of cork or a piece of corn cob. The monkey is ofted poised with its arms crossed, holding a banana or with one hand extended as the other is covering its eyes.

The Mezcal Monkey originated in the state of Oaxaca, home of mezcal - a liqour distilled from the baked and then fermented agave plant.

The Monkeys were often sold in pairs with a name of a man on one monkey and a name of a woman on the other. They were used for personal gifts celebrating weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.... It was common to find them in numerous cantinas as decoration and for serving Mezcal from.
These antique Changos can be found at La Calaca in San Miguel located on Mesones 93. Really, one should not be without your own Chango Mezcalero! FYI, the Chango does not fit in the car cup holder.

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