Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Knocking around San Miguel de Allende

Before door bells ever hit the scene, almost every door in San Miguel de Allende had a door knocker. You will find door knockers that are rather old, elaborate, simple, whimsical, they are endless...
The simplicity of this little fish door knocker on the Mexican blue door just makes me smile.
You will find a variety of the hand door knockers around town. Mainly on some of the older mansion's door. And they are hefty too.
Not only are the door knockers intricate and quite unusual, so are the hand carved doors that they adorn.
The face on this door knocker looks like one of the Spanish Inquisitor's from the 1600's.
This Medusa door knocker is a very common subject of the door knockers around town. Setting aside the Greek mythology's interpretation of Medusa, I like to look upon her as a beautiful maiden and the guardian protectress of the homes that she adorns.

When you are checking out all the beautiful door knockers and handsomely carved doors, watch your step though, the cobblestones can be treacherous.

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