Friday, September 17, 2010

Museo of General Igancio Allende

This building is the birthplace of General Ignacio Allende located right on the main plaza in San Miguel de Allende. General Igancio, along with Father Hidalgo, played vital roles in the independence of Mexico from Spain in 1810. This year, 2010, is the big bi-centennial celebration of Mexico's Independence. I have always admired the Latin inscription above the door and also pondered about putting it above my door in San Miguel (ha ha), "He who was born here is known everywhere." When I have one of my groups in town, Allende's home is part of the guided walking tours.
The first floor contains displays of the the history of San Miguel and the War of Independence while the second floor is a reproduction of Allendes' home. Its Spanish Baroque architecture shows through with the Cortinas (stone draperies) that embellish the windows which is common around town. Also common to the stately mansions, are the tall entry doors and the ruts made in the stone pavers for the carriages to enter and depart the homes.
This attractive back area was at one time the stables for the horses and live stock.
Common in many mansions, was a "bodega" where they would store grain, chorizo, bread, etc.. At one time, this room was a pharmacy and when the home was renovated, the Museum decided to keep the old shelving.
This painting in the Museo depicts what the countryside looked like around 1800. You can barely make out the town square, the area that is void with the Parroquia church on the top. The walled in church above in the bottom, right corner is the Santuario de Atotonilco. This historic place was where Father Miguel Hidalgo would have given the "grito" (shout) for Independence with his followers in route to San Miguel.
A sculpture of Allende, on the corner of his family's home was embellished with flowers on January 21 in remembrance of his birthday. The celebrations started this week in San Miguel. Just don't expect to get much sleep, there are fireworks at all times of the day and night.

Viva Mexico!

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