Friday, February 18, 2011

Meet me in San Miguel and meet some new friends

Since October of 2009, I have been leading guided tours in San Miguel and the surrounding areas.  I want to share with you some of the wonderful experiences I have had.
I host a welcome dinner at my house the first night when my group arrives into San Miguel de Allende.  We start with drinks and hors d'oeurvres up on my mirador (rooftop patio) and have dinner in the dining room and out on the patio.  Below is what some of the people at the table wrote me after the trip. 
Diane said, "You did a fantastic job putting it together and your attention to detail is something to be envied." 
Cindy wrote, "Gracias amiga for an absolutely marvelous experience.  Over the years I have been privileged to enjoy great trips all over the world - this one ranks in the top five!"
Another one of my groups loved touring the sights in Gunajauto.  We had just visited the home and museum of Diego Rivera and we were waiting for our drivers to pick us up and take us to  lunch at Restaurante Las Mercedes up on the hillside with its incredible views. 
One of the entrees at Las Mercedes, a boneless chicken breast with a pistachio mole sauce.  Debra wrote me, "What a job of giving us an overview of the area and a taste of the great culture.  I will say one thing I was most surprised at was all the gourmet food, to rival any place in Denver."
The second day in San Miguel is my walking tour of town; its historic buildings, churches, galleries, plazas, the market and of course, a few choice boutiques.  One lady wrote, "The group you put together, could not have been nicer."  And I have to agree, I have loved all my groups!
By the second day of my tour, we were all good friends.  We all gave Matina the nod of approval that the pink Mexican blouse was definitely a keeper.
Talk about fun!  Laura and Susan became immediate friends and such good sports to pose for this photo with their faces peeping through the menu at La Posadita.
Honey was hamming it up at the cooking class out at Rancho Casa Luna.  She was showing off her roasted poblano peppers.  Honey wrote me, "You did a fantastic job of pulling all of us together, organizing lunches, vans, tours, etc.. And to boot, you are a "hoot" to be with."
The last evening of my tour, I host a dinner at my house.  During the cocktail hour, I had a trio performing for us and Cheryl was having the best time dancing with the accordion player.  Actually, almost everyone was dancing at one time.
People from all over the states have joined me in San Miguel for one of my tours; from Washington, Colorado, California, Florida and Texas. I have met such interesting and creative people on my tours and I still keep in contact with everyone.  Many have become very good friends.
All good things come to an end, but I promise everyone took with them memories of an unforgettable visit!
Wednesday, February 16th, I wrote about the itinerary for my June 7 -13 tour.  Please join me, I have a few spaces left.  You may reach me at

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