Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beyond Patzcuaro and its little faces

One of my all time favorite places, besides San Miguel de Allende, is Patzcuaro and the surrounding villages.  The people are so friendly and you just can not help falling in love with the little ones.  These two girls were having the best time chatting away, giggling and shucking the corn. 
Meet Laura, daughter of Tomasa in Ocumicho.  She is now grown, married and has become a fine artist, just like her mother, in creating the fantastic and bizarre figures that Ocumicho is known for.  It seems just like yesterday when she had her quinceanera and she was cuddling up to my side.
This cute guy is from the lake shore village of Ihuatzio, slightly north of Patzcuaro.  He and his mother had come in early on the bus to Patzcuaro to sell their wares.  I was their first sale of the day, I just could not resist that handsome tray.  Ihuatzio is known for its woven tule (an aquatic reed) figures of animals, trays and a variety of furniture (tables, benches and chairs).
This shy little girl was peeking around the corner at me and at this particular moment, she was in a world of her own.  I too find myself in another world when I am driving through the lush green valleys up into wooded mountains to visit some of the artisans that create such incredible folk art.  In just a few weeks, I will be leading my next special tour, Artisans & Architecture, to this part of the Mexico in the state of Michoacan.  We will spending a few days in San Miguel de Allende and then head over to Patzcuaro where we will venture out to the surrounding artisan villages.  Every trip is a new adventure to me even though I have been there so many times.

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