Monday, February 21, 2011

More Fountains around San Miguel

One of the important parts of the Spanish missions was the baptism fountain. The whole purpose of the mission was to convert the natives to the Catholic religion, and the first step in becoming Catholic is being baptized.   No church is complete without a baptismal fountain.  This one above is in the Parroquia church, the main parish church in San Miguel de Allende.  I love how the fountain is complemented by the blue and white talavera tiles.
Baptismal fountains are an elegant addition to many of the interior courtyards in San Miguel.  And how pretty is this?  The red rose petals are such a beautiful contrast with the grey stone.
You can tell this fountain is old by the polished lip from years and years of use.  You can find this fountain in entry of the church over in Atotonilco.
Another baptismal fountain that I am especially fond of, it's at my casa in the back patio. 
When I am entertaining, I love floating Gerber Daises in the water.  It is such a nice touch to have the sound of trickling water from the fountains in the background.  Life is good!

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