Monday, February 28, 2011

Burros are a beautifu sight in San Miguel

Door to door delivery is a luxury, especially in San Miguel de Allende.  When you have a knock on the door, it usually is a man, a woman, a child and sometimes the whole family selling bags of dirt, firewood, flowers or vegetables from their country garden or field.  These burros above are loaded down with burlap bags full of a mix of dirt and compost for your pots and garden beds.
It's hard work for the burros and the owner and it makes for a very long day, especially when selling firewood (lena).  First he has to find and chop the lena, load the lena on the back of his burros, make the long trek into town (usually three hours or more), wander up and down the streets of San Miguel knocking on doors with the hope of selling his load and then return home tired from a very long day.  I have been known to buy a burro load, or two or three.  They will remember your home and come back through out the year, knocking on your door in hope of another sale.  They don't have much and are working so hard to squeak out a living.  I usually have an old sweater, socks, anything that might help them get through the winter that I give them.  They are always so appreciative and it makes me feel good too.
This was over in Dolores Hidalgo.  Can you imagine having your milk delivered this way?  What a simplier way of life and I just love it!

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