Friday, March 18, 2011

Beautiful embroidery found in the market

Color is everywhere you look in Mexico, especially in San Miguel de Allende.  At the market in San Miguel you can find the Otomi embroidered fabrics in all sizes and colors.
The Otomi villages in the state of Hidalgo in the Tenango de Doria region are well known for their embroidered textiles.  The designs are drawn on muslin (manta cloth) and then the embroidery is done which can take months to do one large piece.  I have read that the original designs for the textiles came from ancient wall drawings that can be found on the cliffs outside of San Nicolas.
I have seen headboards and chairs upholstered in these fabrics along with throw pillows and it makes such a great statement.
At the new Rosewood Resort that just opened in San Miguel, the tables are set using the Otomi fabrics in a light beige and white color scheme.  What a pretty table.  It makes me want to head over to the market and buy a few tablecloths for my summer entertaining on the patio.

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