Monday, March 28, 2011

The First night in San Miguel de Allende

I just recently completed my special tour, Artisans & Architecture.  What a great week we had exploring San Miguel de Allende and Patzcuaro and some of surrounding villages in the state of Michoacan.  Everyone in my group arrived on a Saturday afternoon and once they settled into their room at Casa Luna B & B, they walked a short block and a half over to my house for guacamole & chips, spicy peanuts and wine.
We were all up on my mirador (roof top patio) enjoying the beautiful weather and the outstanding views of the Parroquia church and the Monjas church.  Rick, Bonnie and Debra were chatting up a storm.
Everyone was busy getting acquainted.  
After a while, we walked over to one of my favorite restaurants, Casa Blanca, for dinner.  We started by ordering margaritas and then the hors d'oeuvres arrived; rollitos (fried flour tortilla rolls stuffed with cheese and tomatoes) and deliciously flavored sauteed mushrooms.
Beth and her daughter, Betsy, were contemplating on what to order for their entree and dessert.
Yvonne and Debra were giving their order to Luis.  I ordered my favorites; a bowl of cream of spinach soup, chicken crepes and vanilla ice cream for dessert.
After a truly delicious dinner, we strolled back through the jardin and I had my group sit on the half wall that wraps around the jardin.  This gentleman in the middle of all the ladies was not part of my group, but he sure was a good sport.  I was joking with him when I told him the ladies on each side of him were single. 
One of the songs I requested was Perdido (the lost child).  One or two trumpets will position themselves away from the group and will play when the others stop.  It is such a beautiful song.
And of course, to end the evening, they played Los Caminos de Guanajuato.  It was a perfect evening and what a way to jump start the week!

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