Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My walking tour in San Miguel de Allende

This is day two of my Artisan & Architecture tour.  After a wonderful evening the night before, we finished breakfast at Casa Luna and I headed out with my group for a walking tour of San Miguel de Allende. It was not my usual guided walking tour that I do for my San Miguel tour but one that included visiting some amazing homes and meeting some of my favorite artists at their studios in town.  Our first stop was the Hyder home which is a museum in itself.  Above is the kitchen which I find so colorful and check out all the copper pots.
One of the many sitting rooms in the Hyder home.  This property has 13,864 sq. ft. of living space, ten bedrooms and eleven bathrooms!  And it is right in the middle of the historic center of San Migul.
 The pool was really inviting, I easily could have dove in.  The Hyder's have been coming down to San Miguel since 1959.
 The view of the Monjas church was spectacular.
Some of the my group up on one of the miradors (roof top patios).  When my family first came to San Miguel de Allende, over 35 years ago, the countryside behind my group was bare.  There were no houses, no buildings, nada.
 After a full hour of touring the Hyder home, we set off up Calle Canal and then down Calle Zacateros to Frank Garner's gallery.
Everyone loved Frank's paintings and one of the ladies bought a beautiful scene of San Miguel that Frank had just recently painted.
Here is Frank along with Eileen.  A graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, Frank captures the pure essence of Mexico from the colorful marketplaces, a procession in front of the church in Atotonilco to dramatic landscapes.  He is certainly is one of the top artists in town.  Check his gallery out at Calle Zacateros 75 and tell him Robin sent you in.
The day is not over yet.  Check out my blog on Friday to see what we did next.

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  1. Having fun traveling with you! Hope to do it in person someday. Love Patsy