Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Carnival in San Miguel de Allende

Carnival is a 5-day celebration that kicks off before the Catholic Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.  Ones last fling before Lent.  Carnival was introduced to Mexico by the Spaniards.  It originated in Italy, coming from the Latin meaning "to take away" or "good-bye to meat."
San Miguel celebrations are not as elaborate as in some other towns around Mexico but it is still a festive time in the jardin (the towns main plaza).
Last weekend the jardin was full of paper mache flowers.
 And accordion legged "Payasitos" (little clowns).
 More Payasitos.
 The whole perimeter of the jardin was lined with an assortment of paper flowers, clowns and the "cascarones".
But watch out for the cascarones, confetti filled eggsChildren buy them and then run wild around the jardin trying to smash one on a friends head or an unexpected recipient!

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