Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Parroquia in San Miguel de Allende

When I was in Barcelona visiting some of my favorite churches  and museums, I saw so many things that might have influenced the facade of the Parroquia (parish church) in San Miguel de Allende.   Originally built in 1683 by architect Marco Antonio Sobrarias, it was given a face lift by a local indigenous stone mason, Zeferino Guetirerez in 1880.  Self-trained, he would convey his ideas to his workmen by making drawings in the dirt with a stick.
It was said that Guetierrez received inspiration for his work from post cards and drawings of Gothic churches and buildings in Europe.  When touring the Gothic Church of Sants Just in Barcelona, I was taken by the decorative spires that were very reminiscent of those of the Parroquia.
In the Museu Nacional D'Art De Catalunya, this retable from Catalunya, late 1300'S, just jumped out at me.  It was like I was looking at the Parroquia all over again.
You can see these intricate spires for miles, especially when it is lite up at night.
Gutierrez was a genius when he used a mix of pink and tan cantera to adorn the facade of the church.  But it is at dusk when the Parroquia comes to life and is most dramatic.  I captured this magical moment from the rooftop patio (mirador) of my home in San Miguel de Allende.  See for yourself, join me in San Miguel de Allende for one of my guided tours.  Stayed tuned for more details, I am fine tuning the dates (either the first week or second week in October).
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