Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Me in San Miguel de Allende in October

It is far better to be pampered with luxury of old world charm than trampled by the crush of today's worldwide tourism.

When my husband and I were in Spain, France and Italy a few months ago, we were overwhelmed by the crush of tourism.  A three-hour-long line that went around the block to see Gaudi's unfinished Basilica de La Familia Sagrada in Barcelona.  Shoulder-to-shoulder tourist at the Vatican.  Hurried service to accommodate crowded diners in restaurants.  Even in off season, Venice was jammed, canal-to-canal.  I could not help reflect on how far different life is in San Miguel de Allende.

As you stroll San Miguel's ancient streets and past it grand architecture, you will find quaint stores and boutiques that are perfect for leisurely shopping.  Waiters who know me by my first name always have the perfect table waiting for us.  If we want to catch a two-dollar taxi out to Aurora Fabrica, the outstanding design center, invariably there is a friendly driver just seconds away.  Days are cool, calm and collected.  And evenings are quiet with the exception of beautiful displays of fireworks being launched into the crystal clear night.

Worldwide, airports are most often trying to the patience of even a saint with serpentine lines and the indignity of half-disrobing for over-worked and underpaid security people.  Yet, when you arrive in Leon for your visit to San Miguel, your passport is rubber-stamped lightening-fast and a polite gentleman with a luggage dolly meets you at the single carousel and whisks you through security.   Your driver greets you at the door, scoops up your luggage and very carefully and securely tours you across the Bajio Highlands countryside to colorful, historic San Miguel de Allende and right to the elegant big doors of your hotel where your room awaits in old colonial Mexico splendor. 

Some travel today can be tiring, exasperating and challenging.  But believe me, once you cross the latitude into the quiet world I know in the land Father Hidalgo blessed many years ago, your life will be renewed and your faith restored.

Meet Me in San Miguel, October 9 - 15, 2012. 
This will be my only travel group for 2012. 
I limit the number so please reserve those dates now! 
If you are interested in joining me, please email me.

Robin Mullen


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  1. This is for sure one of my places to visit on my bucket list! San Miguel looks so beautiful!!