Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cars around San Miguel

It had just stopped raining and I was on my way to the market in San Miguel de Allende when I spotted this truck coming down Calle Mesones. For some reason, it just struck me as the quinsensual Mexican truck, the body of the truck not always in tune with the direction the driver is intending.

I was kidding around with these young boys about the one being the owner and driver of this truck.
This 1957 Chevy Bel Air was decked out for a wedding couple. My parents bought one just like it brand new but it was a 1956. The first time they ever visited Mexico was in this car. They crossed the border at Tijuana. No passport. No tourist card. No visa. No documents. No car papers. Nothing. They has a great lunch south of the border and went back to San Diego the same day.
These floral arrangements had just been made at the market and were being delivered to the Parroquia for a wedding that afternoon. I can't see flowers in an open truck being delivered like that in the states!

Trucks are used to deliver everything... produce, chickens, beef, live animals, you name it. These beautiful poblanos had such a fresh aroma when I walked by. Hmmm, maybe chili rellenos are in order for comida.
I ended up at Restaurante Italiano for comida; Andrea's Restaurant at Hacienda Landetta located a few kilometers outside of town. And this Ferrari was one of the many fancy cars in the parking area. I know everyone would love to own one but I can't imagine flying along on one of Mexico's roads and being surprised by one if not many of the topes (speed bumps). Oooops. I think I'll stick to walking to the market.

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