Friday, August 20, 2010

The Stone Carvers of TziTzunTzan

When I was at my home in San Miguel de Allende, I headed over to Patzcuaro to do some preliminary planning for my Artisan & Architecture tour in February 2011. As you drive into TzinTzunTzan (pronounced sin-soon-sawn), you are overwhelmed by all the stone carvings on each side of the road! It seems to go on for ever.

TzinTzunTzan (click on the blue to the left) I shot this little piece of video as I was driving the car and holding my camera. You can hear the sound of the tires crushing the gravel on the pavement. You will not believe it. There is everything from skinny, bearded Don Quixote, a squat Buddha, goofy garden gnomes, turtles, fishes, dogs, elaborately carved pieces everywhere.

The carvings along this stretch of the road are carved by the Hernandez Lopez family. When I drove by, there was no one in sight. I doubt they have to worry about having people stopping and load up their cars for free.
Stone carvings have embellished many colonial cities in Mexico, especially San Miguel de Allende and nearby Morelia, in its architecture and its sculpture.
This stone carving of the Catrina is exquisite. She is quite the dandy.
A beautiful sculpture of the Virgin de guadalupe with an angel below her.
The stone niche is so cool but I could not fit in the car so I settled for the sun ball for my garden. The imagination of the stone carvers are endless.
For a trip of a life time, join me on my Artesan & Architecture tour, February, 2010.

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