Monday, August 16, 2010

Mojigangas around San Miguel de Allende

You can not go to a festival or a wedding procession in San Miguel de Allende without seeing a Mojiganga! This rather crude Mojiganga is about 10 to 15 feet tall. This stylish Mojiganga is for sale in one of the shops just off the jardin in San Miguel. The Mojigangas were brought over to the new world from Spain in the 17th century. They were originally made to draw people to religious festivals. These huge paper maiche figures are made in the image of saints, devils, political figures, a blushing bride and groom, busty ladies and familiar figures around town. They are meant to satirize and poke fun at them.

This wedding couple was going through the jardin in San Miguel along with a band and a donkey with basket saddle bags on his back that had cups and tequila in it. The party was just starting.

One of my groups that were on one of my guided tours of San Miguel were fortunate to see this.
The Mojiganga's head and bust are made of papier mache and cardboard built on a frame which rests on the dancer's shoulders. The paper mache parts are decorated with colorful paint. Such faces with their overly made up eyes. They are draped with colorful outfits with just a small slot in the front for the dancer to see out of.

It was hot out and I bet the "dancer" of the Mojiganga was sweating up a storm.

This sexy Mojiganga was part of a huge parade. You can see the head of the "dancer" peeking out at her crotch. How funny is that!
A fiesta or parade in not complete without a Mojiganga or two!

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