Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cheetos anyone?

I was over on Calle Insurgentes in San Miguel de Allende and I could not believe my eyes when I spotted this stack of Cheetos on the street. The Cheetos were piled higher than most cars! On one of my guided tours of San Miguel and the surrounding area, I had a lady friend that just loved those messy, orange things. So... as a little joke, I bought a big bag, and I mean BIG, of Cheetos and had it in her room along with her welcome bag. It was a big hit.

All I can say... the Mexicans don't mess around when it comes to their Cheetos!


  1. My most favorite chip junk food. Orange fingers and all

  2. And I was that lady! I loved it! Though I did have to share with my husband, thankfully, the bag was big enough for two of us.

  3. Yes Cheetos, very popular junk food here in San Miguel! I wonder have you seen Tom's painting of the lady with the cheetos bag walking up Cuesta de San Jose? I'll send you a picture of it, I've just started my own blog mostly for my paintings and art students but postings from some of the great places we've been painting too. Donna