Monday, October 4, 2010

The Blessing of Los Caballeros

It was a wild week of celebrations in San Miguel de Allende.
After the celebration of St. Michael (San Miguel) on September 29, on Saturday there was a large, and I mean large, gathering of cowboys, some cowgirls and their horses in the jardin in front of the Parroquia. St. Michael is also the patron of charros (horseman).
Riders come from all over... Dolores Hidalgo, Comonfort, small ranchitos in the countryside...
This young man was in his own world.
These three caballeros had rode over from Comonfort, about a half an hour car drive over the mountain. They were having such a good time flirting with some young gal. He was busy checking out the Parroquia and all its decorations while listening to the priest give his blessings to all the caballeros and their horses.

What a handsome face. I could just picture him, 200 years ago, riding with Father Hidalgo on his way to San Miguel to meet General Ignacio Allende. For it was 200 years ago when Mexico began its fight towards independence from Spain.
Viva la caballero.  Viva Mexico.


  1. Great photos and comments as usual. You always seem to capture the soul of the event, people and town. Bravo! Dianne

  2. Gracias! part of my heart belongs to San Miguel and its culture.