Friday, October 29, 2010

A Talented Watercolorists

Just recently, I returned from my home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico from another one of my extremely successful guided tours.  As I have mentioned in the past, I have made so many new friends from these tours, have gotten to know acquaintances better and have met some pretty talented people.  Last week, I had lunch with my good friend, Laura and my new friend, Susan.  Both were on my last tour and boy did we have fun.
Susan Montague has a small studio in Littleton, Colorado, just off Main Street on Prince.  An interior designer by profession, she started painting in water colors and drawing with charcoals about four years ago.  I can not believe she has been at this for such a short amount of time.  One would think she has been painting for ever.
Susan entered this extraordinary watercolor above in the American Watercolor Society's 143rd International Exhibit in New York and I am not surprised that she was awarded the "AMS Bronze Medal of Honor."  She really executes the image with such a flair for composition along with her talented use of color.
Susan works from her own black & white photographs and some vintage photographs too.  This gives her the ability to interpret the image without being influenced in what she would see from a color photograph.  Working from a black and white photo, she finds she has more artistic control of the contrasts and shadows.  I think that makes for a much more interesting work.
Susan started this new piece in her studio, later to be completed on the road.  I love her choice of subjects.  It reminds me of some old photos I have of my Mother. 

I can hardly wait until she starts painting some of my images that I have shot over the years in Mexico.

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