Friday, October 15, 2010

Plaza Civica

Plaza Civica in San Miguel de Allende is a big plaza and my favorite place to hang out. I really call it The Peoples Plaza because that is where it is happening. These steps lead up to the main section of plaza, the Church of Our Lady of Health (La Salud) and more stairs that take you to the market. The man sitting in the lower, right hand corner is my Dad. The lighting that day was remarkable beautiful.
The plaza is full of children playing, people coming and going to the market, people socializing... People selling rebozos, balloons, cotton candy, nuts...

The La Salud Church has a Churrigueresque (an ornate style of decoration that erupted in Mexico in the 1700's) facade with the sign of St. James with the shell. Inside, it has the only altar in the area that is dedicated to Santa Cecilia, patroness of music and musicians. On St. Cecilia's day, November 22, musicians come and play at the entrance of the church. She is also the patroness of the blind, being blind herself.
These steps and a few blocks take you back to the jardin, the main plaza. The big structure is the backside of the San Francisco Church. It is amazing that you can stand in the middle of the plaza and see THREE churches. Of course, all Catholic.
Sunday is a time for relaxing and hanging out in the plaza.These girls were so cute. They were proud that they knew a little English and could rattle off numbers and colors in English. I asked them if they were sisters, they giggled and said, "Oh no, we are just best friends!"
People stop to get their shoes shined.
Balloons, toys and Mr. Bubbles are sold by numerous venders.
This little guy was in another world. He was mesmerized by the older children playing soccer.

It's a wonderful place to be!  And I am lucky to be here.

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