Monday, October 18, 2010

My Twenty-Second Anniversary

Thursday I flew back to Denver from my home in San Miguel de Allende.  This past week I had another successful tour with a wonderful group of ladies and one couple! We had such a great time, the week just flew by.
Friday, October 15th, was my twenty-second anniversary.  We decided to go out to dinner the following week so my husband stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a steak for dinner. 
He asked the butcher to cut him a two-inch thick Porterhouse.  I just about fainted when I saw it!  It was the size of Texas.  It weighed 3.47 pounds and cost a pretty penny too, $48.00.  Needless to say, part of it went into the freezer for another meal.  Now I know why I do the majority of the grocery shopping, or at least give Len a detailed grocery list when I send him to the store.
He did crack me up though... Len told me that the modern day gift for the twenty-second anniversary was a Porterhouse Steak.
We had a great dinner along with a 2003 DOIX Priorat from Spain.  It's nice to be home!


  1. Happy anniversary! You're too young to have been married for 22 years! Bring some of that steak back here, si como no. And, Len, too! Abrazotes, Dianne