Wednesday, October 13, 2010

San Miguel is a Shoppers Paradise

This one page article, "What $100 buys in San Miguel de Allende," was in the July/August issue of Budget Travel. You will be able to read the text if you click on the image above to enlarge it.
One of the items that the article listed was oilcloth.
I am a nut about anything to do with oilcloth. I have oilcloth purses, a gym bag, tablecloths, a garmet bag and a whole variety of reversible place mats that I have made. I made the tablecloth above and trimmed it with a wide, royal blue grow grain ribbon and a fancy, cotton lace that I found in a little store in san Miguel.

I also have the straw place mats (featured in the top, right hand corner of the article) that I bought ages ago in the market in Oaxaca which have lasted for ever and they still look brand new.

Join me on one of my tours and see first hand what a shoppers paradise San Miguel de Allende is!

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