Friday, October 1, 2010

St. Michael's Day

It is no wonder that September 29 is a big day in San Miguel de Allende for it is Saint Michael's Day. Archangel Michael is the guardian and protector of the church and is usually depicted holding his shield and sword, ready to fight or judge. And how fitting that St. Michael is the patron saint of San Miguel. For it was 200 years ago where the fight for freedom and independence from Spain started.
The event is always celebrated in a big way. There is a procession of women carrying a shrine of St. Micheal to the Parroquia, the parish church. There will also be a parade of the Xochiles (huge ceremonial frames decorated with flowers, plants and corn paste) and the Conchero Dancers later in the week.

The Parroquia is decorated so beautifully with huge arrangements of lilies and other greens. It's a great day not to be missed. Actually, its a week of celebrations not to be missed.

Please check out my future posts for I will be writing about the Xuchiles, Conchero Dancers and the "Blessing of the Cowboys and their horses". It is as colorful as their Easter celebrations and I just love it!

Viva la Mexico and all its color!