Friday, January 21, 2011

Borders and Beyond

San Miguel de Allende is full of color and beautifully painted borders around town.  You just have to keep your eyes peeled to spot that little bit of talent painted on the walls.  I bet many people have missed this particular border above.

The wild color combinations works perfectly with the shadowed leaves as the decorative border.

This border is in the Third Order Church of La Salud in TzinTzunTzan where I will be taking my Artisan & Architecture group in a few weeks.  It almost looks like a wallpaper.

The elegant border above adorns the spacious old ruins of the convent in Cuitzeo located on the north side of Lake Cuitzeo and Morelia.  Many of the old frescoes have recently been restored.

The border with the agave, the wavy line and just the right colors is really striking.

Here we have a dainty little border.

One of my favorite shots. I took this in the little side room off the main chapel over in Atotonilco.  The geometric design of the border, the colors, the rich tones of the wood and the simple design of the benches just speak to me.
With all the faux painting and stenciling that has been so overdone in the states, it is refreshing to see how these timeless borders add so much to a room or an exterior facade.  But then again, when something is well done, it is timeless!

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