Wednesday, January 5, 2011

El Chorro Lodge in Paradise valley

Last year an Arizona landmark, El Chorro Lodge, was brought back to its splendor with a huge renovation.  The signature blue of the 1930's was a key factor in the new decor.  The reception desk and shelving is quite striking with the painted blue details.
My parents and I met our long time friend, Andi, for lunch.  My parents met her father, George, in Bemidji, Minnesota, in his parent's restaurant, The Rex Cafe.  He was working as a waiter while going to law school. That was over 64 years ago when my parents were first dating.  They became good friends, George married Marna and  they had five children.  Forty-eight years ago, my parents were fed up with the Minnesota weather, they sold their home in Wayzata (a suburb of Minneapolis), closed a successful business, left family and friends and moved me and my brother to Scottsdale.  If it was not for that move, I probably would have never explored central Mexico or fallen in love with San Miguel de Allende.   Andi's parents eventually a bought home in Scottsdale and I am fortunate that Andi and her husband still live in the area.  It is always great to get together when I am in town.
I had the Eggs Benedict with lump crab.  Very tasty along with a few spears of roasted asparagus and little potatoes. 
Our waitress brought us a basket of their signature Sticky Buns to the table.  They were so, so good.
The ladies bathroom featured a few vintage photos of some good looking cowgirls.  In one of the hallways, there was a series of black and white photos of Arizona by Barry Goldwater.  Back in its hay day, El Chorro attracted guests such as Clark Gable and Milton Berle.
I love the cobalt blue that has been used in the decor along with this funky paintings.
The bar area opens up to the outdoors.  Had we known, we would have sat outside for each umbrella had its own heaters in them.  Really nice.
Another inviting seating area.
Another cool painting!
Such a beautiful fountain, just like many that I find in San Miguel de Allende!

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