Friday, January 14, 2011

Shadows of San Miguel

That late afternoon lighting in San Miguel de Allende is simply magical.   The detail of this lantern really is apparent in its shadow.
Afternoon at the Bellas Artes, one of the art schools in town.
Such simplicity but so beautiful was the facade of the San Antonio Church with these blue and white pendents blowing in the wind.

I was over on Calle Murillo and the timing was just right.  The shadow from the rooftop across the street was magnificent.  And no, I had not just left El Gato Negro!

Such a fancy lantern with its acanthus leaves draped on the top and down the body along with its curvy bracket.  I can not figure out which is prettier, the lantern or its shadow... or both.
The colors of the facade, the deep blue sky, shadows from the wrought iron balcony & lights along with the telephone pole and zigzagging wires were great.
La Grotta Restaurant on Calle Cuadrante never looked so romantic and somewhat mysterious with the waves of shadows on its facade.   I just love that afternoon lighting.


  1. Love the lamp shadows too! Exactly what I love to paint. Did you know they closed the Bellas Artes due to a collapsed roof! Donna

  2. Yes. I could not believe it! Any word on when it will be repaired?